100% In-House Financing - No Banks

Cars, Trucks & SUVs Starting at $1,000 Down - All Credit Welcome!

OUR MISSION: Simplify The Car Buying Process

Welcome to John Kamal Cars 


We understand that buying a car can be a very stressful process, especially if you're shopping with bad credit or you're first time car buyer with no credit at all. 

We also understand that Houston is flocked with dealerships all screaming the same message. 

So let's go straight to the point and help you save time, anxieties and headaches, and quickly decide if we're the right dealership for you. Here's what we do...

We carry Cars, Trucks and SUVs 🔥

Down payments start at $1,000 Down. Bring $1,500 if you're fancy. Bring at least $2,000 for Trucks 🙂


  • Driver License or State ID ✅ 
  • Min Income of $1,500 ✅ 
  • PayStubs or Bank Statements ✅ 
  • No Open Bankruptcy ⛔ 
  • No Open Car Loans ⛔ 
  • ​​No Job Letters / Cash Income ⛔

We do 100% In-House Financing - 36 Months Loan Terms. 

No games. No Gimmicks 💯

Thanks - We hope to see you on the other side and meet you in person.

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