What is Buy here Pay here?

What is Buy Here Pay Here?


You’re Ready? It’s the same as In House Financing.

If you are in Houston or anywhere in Texas, the term In House Finance is usually more popular than Buy Here Pay Here. I have friends who live in places like Philadelphia and people over there have never heard of the term, “In House Finance” not even some dealerships so I guess it depends on where you go.

But yea, just like In House Financing, Buy Here Pay Here used car financing is simply an alternative to Third Party Bank financing. You buy here, and you pay here!

A Buy Here Pay Here used car lot will approve you for loan in house, and does not work with third party banks. In my article What is In House Finance, I go on details about the major difference between In House Financing car dealerships compared to regular / retail used car lots that deal with third party banks.


John Kamal
Sales & Finance Manager

Either way both terms are the same and are best suited for first time car buyers with no credit, buyer with bad or poor credit due to a divorce, bankrtuptcy, repo / repossessions…You name it!